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Precision Disinfection Services

Company History: Urban Infrastructure Associates was formed in the year 2000 to meet a perceived demand for superior disinfection services. For over 15 years UIA has combined extensive water works experience with technical ingenuity to meet and exceed municipal standards. UIA has demonstrated a commitment to building long standing relationships with its’ clients.

Influential Events: Events in North Battleford in 2001; Walkerton in 2000; Orangeville in 1985; and Kitchener in 1983 all served to reinforce the fact that disinfection of public water systems must be handled with a much greater degree of professionalism than had previously been the case.

Disinfection Technology:
UIA introduced a self-contained compact chlorinator unit that accurately meters and controls chlorine solutions over a wide range of concentrations. Using any of the NSF approved chlorination and dechlorination chemicals such solutions can be fed into new or rehabilitated watermains at flow rates ranging from 50 to 1000 liters per minute. Larger flow rates can also be accommodated if required.

All UIA activities are monitored and recorded with state of the art analytical equipment. High level chlorine concentrations for chlorination; low level chlorine concentrations for residual confirmation; turbidity checks and pH can all be done in the field. All field adjustments are made in accordance with Best Practices management as recommended by the American Water Works Association and/or applicable Ministry of the Environment requirements.

At Your Service:
UIA currently operates four field units, each fully self-contained in a MB 2500 Sprinter Van and can provide Ministry of the Environment licensed Water Operators where required.

Services cover the entire range of activities required to commission new or rehabilitated watermains. The process starts with checking the status and proper operation of all valves and hydrants to initial filling, flushing and swabbing to pressure testing; then goes on to chlorination; dechlorination and flushing and finishes with the taking of bacteriological samples. Chemical concentrations and turbidities are checked throughout as required to maintain proper control and to document the entire process. Related activities include fire flow testing and confirming line traceability.

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