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UIA services cover the entire range of activities required to commission new or rehabilitated watermains.


Pre Construction Planning Services

  • UIA Water can provide pre construction services including disinfection methodology, disinfection key maps and full watermain commissioning proposals.

Watermain Swabbing Services

  • Foam swabbing of all sections of watermain, hydrants and service branches.
  • Power flushing of watermain and service branches inaccessible by traditional foam swabs.
  • Full range of foam swabs from 50mm to 450mm in stock. Special sizes available by order.

Watermain Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Service

  • Pumping capacity for mains up to 2400mm.
  • Certified Calibrated testing equipment.
  • Full winter operation capabilities.

Watermain Precision Disinfection Services

  • Full watermain disinfection services at any desired Cl concentration.
  • Flow rates at up to 1500Lpm with precise dosages from 5-1000mg/L
  • Complete laboratory quality analytical kits for both high level and low level chlorinetesting.
  • Full flow total dechlorination available.
  • NSF Food grade Sodium Hypochlorite or Liquid Chlorine gas disinfection available.
  • State of the art compact disinfection equipment allows for access in areas others cannot

Watermain Sample Collection

  • Sample collection by licensed Ontario Water Operators or Water Quality Analyst.
  • Onsite turbidity, chlorine residual and pH testing with certified calibrated equipment.

Other Services

  • Tracing wire continuity testing
  • Fire flow testing
  • Hydrant repair and extensions

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